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Le petit coco

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Le petit coco

Le petit coco (0-14 years, for boy and girl) comes from the creativity of Consuelo Pinoca; her source of inspiration was her two children who, together with her impetuous passion for fashion, have nurtured what is still the brand's philosophy: well-being and freedom.
Well-being is given by comfortable clothes but at the same time glamorous, to accompany children in their daily adventure but also on special occasions with a style full of character. Wellbeing is also attention to the future of the environment and nature, through the use of biological fabrics, and with the utmost respect for quality standards proven by chemical and mechanical tests.
Therefore, freedom of action and expression, today's children will be the grownups of a not too distant tomorrow and Le petit coco helps taking care of their style. The name ``Le petit`` comes from the initial choice to create a newborn line, while ``coco`` is the nickname with which as a child was called the designer. The collection is focused on the sense of color as well as on details: because nothing is what it seems but everything can be worn on different occasions without the fear of ever appearing out of place with the certainty of bringing out one's own personality.
Le petit coco is entirely created and produced in Italy by looking carefully at internationalization.


The Le petit coco philosophy can be resumed in these five keywords


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